Please Note that the below information was updated on March 2021. We are trying our best to update it as soon as possible for travelling to Hong Kong in August. Please follow the instructions given by the university regarding your travel. Contact us if you have any questions.

This information is prepared with inputs form HK government websites and personal experiences of students who returned to Hong Kong recently. Please inform us if there is any mistake or anything to be added.

List of important documents

1. Passport
2. Student Visa/ Travel visa
3. Flight tickets
4. Student Id and Hong Kong ID
5. Offer letter(for freshmen)
6. COVID-19 test report:
a) Name as in Passport
b) Date & Time of specimen collection (not over 72 hours old)
c) Specification of Nucleic Acid Test for COVID-19 or similar terms
d) Result clearly showing "NEGATIVE"

7. Cover letter if the report shows "NOT DETECTED"
8. ISO certificate for the lab where COVID-19 test was conducted(In case you don't have a ISO certificate, a government certification letter of that lab also works)
9. Copy of hotel confirmation:
a. Arrival date as the check-in date
b. Name as in Passport
c. Receipt
10. U2 undertaking deportation form Indemnity quarantine cost form
11. All travellers need to submit the “Health & Quarantine Information Declaration” form with theirsmartphone before boarding.

Be safe. Wear mask at all times!


At Hong Kong Airport

1. Go through document verification before sample collection.
2. Download the “Home Stay App” and collect the quarantine self-check kit.
3. Sample collection for testing will take place at the TSCC (Temporary Specimen Collection Centre) after document verification.
4. The waiting period for test results to arrive is 8 hours or more(Due to the recent developments, the waiting period can be as less as 3 -4 hours).
5. Refreshments and water will be available at the waiting area.
6. Immigration procedures and baggage collection will happen after the COVID19 test results arrive.
7. You will be taken to the designated quarantine hotel via a government vehicle.

Have a safe jouney!


Hotel & Quarantine Arrangement

As per the most recent rules, there is a 21 day mandatory Quarantine period for people entering Hong Kong from India and there are 36 designated Quarantine hotels in various parts of Hong Kong. Airport to Hotel transit is in a designated government vehicle. Kindly remember there is a NO VISITOR policy during the quarantine. You will undergo two COVID-19 tests during the 21 day quarantine period. After completing your quarantine, you can reach the CityU Student Residence via Local Taxi, Uber, MTR or Bus (Taxis are advised).

If you need any help, contact us!


Food and Groceries Arrangement

Groceries can be ordered online via: Panda Mart or ParkNShop. You will have a very small refrigerator to store food thus ordering dry snacks, instant foods and fruits for immediate intake is advisable. You will require drinking water for the period of 21 days for which you can either heat water in the electric kettle provided to purify it or you can order packaged water from the grocery stores. You will require a credit card to make all contactless transactions. Food can be ordered online via: Deliveroo HK or Food Panda.Ordering food before 10 pm is advisable since the delivery services close early.

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